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frikey on DailyBooth: I like whales.

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  • 04/18/12--06:06: frikey's 151st Picture
  • frikey's 151st Picture

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  • 04/19/12--07:29: frikey's 152nd Picture
  • frikey's 152nd Picture
    Yaaaaaaaaaay I got my laaazy dog to do an awesome trick, she danced on her two back paws for 5 minutes and then she jumped into my arms when i was standing!! Sooo proud atm, she's 8 years old and one of the most lazyest dogs!

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  • 04/20/12--12:38: frikey's 153rd Picture
  • frikey's 153rd Picture
    Oooold pic. I miss my old neighbour, he was one of my best friends and when I moved we totally lost touch, i misss him so much. Daaaailybooth cry much?

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  • 04/22/12--02:56: frikey's 154th Picture
  • frikey's 154th Picture
    My parents are coming home today.. that means no more loud music, no more eating like pig everywhere, no more anything fun. AND I have to start cleaning this piggeryy. fml, I want a own place.

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  • 04/22/12--11:56: frikey's 155th Picture
  • frikey's 155th Picture
    Goooooood I miss this place! Playing with wigs @prettyfantastic

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  • 04/24/12--03:32: frikey's 156th Picture
  • frikey's 156th Picture
    I wanna do something radical with my hair.

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  • 04/26/12--04:29: frikey's 158th Picture
  • frikey's 158th Picture
    musiiiiic time! tomorrow starts May Day vacation! yaaaay!

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  • 04/28/12--02:58: frikey's 161st Picture
  • frikey's 161st Picture
    Okay my hair is a little bit lighter, but I'm not really satisfied with the color.. It's kind of a mix of blonde, yellow, orange and brown, but at least it's lighter.. :D

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  • 04/28/12--05:17: frikey's 162nd Picture
  • frikey's 162nd Picture
    yamyaaaaam! Nestle Toll House Cookies :---) U jelly?

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  • 04/30/12--03:06: frikey's 163rd Picture
  • frikey's 163rd Picture
    All ready for May Day celebration!

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  • 05/03/12--22:11: frikey's 164th Picture
  • frikey's 164th Picture
    I I bought some orange pants yesterday! I like them :)

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  • 05/04/12--05:10: frikey's 165th Picture
  • frikey's 165th Picture
    Off to celebrate my friends Laura's birthday with some PIZZAAAA!

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  • 05/04/12--08:02: frikey's 166th Picture
  • frikey's 166th Picture
    A boring Friday again! yaaay...

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  • 05/05/12--11:09: frikey's 167th Picture
  • frikey's 167th Picture New theme folks! :---------)

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  • 05/06/12--07:09: frikey's 168th Picture
  • frikey's 168th Picture
    I've earned 70 euro's today, been cleaning all day long and I've babysat my mums friends kids for 3 hours, now I'm dead tired and it's only 5:10 pm, now I just have to write an English composition for school (:

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  • 05/06/12--10:05: frikey's 169th Picture
  • frikey's 169th Picture
    So today I was supposed to record my very first cover and put it up on youtube . I had everything ready and then I started to record. After playing and singing the song I though "geeez I think I've never played this well guitar and I didn't screw up anything" the bad thing was that instead of recording I had pushed the "take a photo" button... just my luckk Now I'm just gonnna relax and take it eeeeeeeeasy. And watch a movie online, PIRACY

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  • 05/17/12--10:50: frikey's 172nd Picture
  • frikey's 172nd Picture

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  • 05/20/12--04:24: frikey's 174th Picture
  • frikey's 174th Picture
    I had a fun girls night out! Now I have to start reading Geography and Finnish, school work is such a good day polluter.

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  • 05/21/12--10:13: frikey's 169th Picture
  • frikey's 169th Picture
    I wanna be a bodybuilder. or not, just have the muscles so that I can lift cars, trains and so on. that would be so awesome.

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  • 05/23/12--10:48: frikey's 170th Picture
  • frikey's 170th Picture
    I was totally ready to take a nice and lovely walk in the sunset with my dear friend @prettyfantastic BUT SHE CANCELED ON ME. NOW I have to go and walk alone. I'll never forgive her. ever. CHECKICHECKI:

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